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Medical Facilities

Quick Facts

Completed more than 30 facilities


Combined contract value of more than $37 million

Walgreens - Las Cruces

1800 Medical Center

Sun City Dermatology


F.T. James has a broad range of experience constructing medical facilities, whether it is a brand new doctor's office or the renovation of an existing hospital wing we have expertise in both. Please view a list of some example projects below:

 Davita - Transmountain

 Murchison Arts Plaza

 Las Palmas Heliport

 Walgreen’s - Las Cruces

 First Health - El Paso

 1800 Professional Medical Center - Dr. Brion Gluck

 General Dentistry 4 Kids - Zaragoza

 General Dentistry 4 Kids - Dyer

 Dr. Guevara (Sun City Dermatology) - New Shell Building & Medical Tenant Improvements

 Gastroenterology Specialists of El Paso - Dr. Moldes Orestes MD

 La Fe Care Center

 La Fe Dental Clinic

 Mountain View Dermatology - Dr. Richard Vinson

 El Paso Animal Emergency Clinic

 San Angel Clinic - Commercial Development III

 St. Anthony Pediatrics Clinic



 La Fe Westway Clinic - Vinton

 Dr. Covarrubias

 Thomason Hospital - Zone “A” North Expansion

 El Paso Zoo - Veterinary Clinic

 Thomason Hospital - Family Practice Center

 Thomason Hospital - 4th Floor Renovations

 Medical Building for Dr. Peter S. Herman

 Thomason Hospital - Additions & Alterations

 Sun Valley Regional Hospital - Recreational Building

 Thomason Hospital - El Paso Clinic Renovations

 Four Seasons Nursing Center - Remodel & Renovations

 Exterior Restoration of Southwestern General Hospital

 Dr. Randy Pollet - Office Building

 El Paso Dental Center

 24 Bed Mental Health Clinic




Gastroenterology Specialists

Thomason Hospital - Zona "A"