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Warehouse & Manufacturing

Quick Facts

Completed more than 15 facilities


Combined contract value of more than $22 million

Martin Tire

Dish Network Facility

Aii Manufacturing Facility


F.T. James has a broad range of experience with warehouse and manufacturing projects, we are proud partners with Butler Metal Buildings. Please view a list of some example projects below:

 Shamrock Retail

 Dish Network Facilities - El Paso

 Yazaki Docks

 Martin Tire

 APYS Color Supply Store

 Workforce Development Center

 The Shop Speed & Performance

 Inventory Building Interior/Tenants

 Inventory Building

 Texas International Gas & Oil - A New Facility

 El Paso Disposal

 Aii Manufacturing Facility

 Wrangler #1 - Various Interior Remodel

 Housing Authority - Construction of Lower Valley Warehouse

 Motel 6 - Studio 6



 Lee Manufacturing - Various Interior Renovations Projects

 N.B.S. Magoffin Building - Remodeling

 Modern Filters




F.T. James Construction is one of only a select few Southwest contractors providing the superior quality and craftsmanship of Butler Metal Building Products.